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Systematic development of demand and penetration with Account Based Marketing and optimizing the role of Performance Marketing

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Typical reasons for challenges

  • Too generic approach towards target customers
  • Marketing & Sales collaboration difficulties
  • Narrow focus on active markets with performance marketing - weak at demand generation
  • Low engagement rates
  • Too few and low quality leads
  • Low conversion percentage
  • Weak ROMI (Return on Marketing Investments)
  • No long term impacts


How can we help?


Best of both worlds

Traditional lead funnel is about combination of inbound marketing and demand generation. It is an always on marketing approach that drives overall awareness, perception and demand. Performance marketing is often concentrating on active demand capture and conversion. At this point the customer has already decided to start buying and is looking for a solution. This is pretty late stage for engagement - last minute actually.

ABM flips the funnel and requires you to define target accounts in advance. Once you have defined the target accounts, you start engaging with C-level and stake holders widely as well as improving the awareness and demand in target audiences. The question is not about which to choose, but how to make most of the combination. For this you will need data and insights. 



Make priorities clear

Different business sectors and industries represent very different types of potential and opportunities. Defining where the growth is available and accessible is an imperative foundation for marketing priorisation and design. This analysis gives you broad view towards question: "Where's the money?"

You are likely to need marketing materials that are targeted to certain types of companies. Make sure that you know where your growth potential lies. With target group optimized materials you can address directly to specific challenges and possibilities in that sector. The impact with targeted content is much better than generic.


180ops growth planning
180 OPS Addressable, obtainable and active markets


How to prioritize by speed to money? Optimizing ROMI

In both customer industries and offerings there is a great variation in demand. We need to understand market conditions that we are addressing. Active market can be managed with performance marketing, because these customers are searching and looking for information, asking RFIs and RFPs and can be recognized from analytics. The hard part is to make a difference between markets that are out of our reach, addressable market that doesn't have the product fit and only consume resources. The value of this analysis is strongly dependent on outside-in data and insights

Customers in Obtainable Markets have the product fit, but they are not actively looking for answers. How we catch their attention, get them to pay attention and start considering is a path to growth and market share. This is powerful insight for the marketing strategy and investment allocation.


Discover the ABM target accounts

Our standard approach is to create a segmentation based on current value (Annual Revenue Per Account = billing/year) and growth potential. This will help you recognize Farming customers, which have no growth potential as well as strategic, Growth and priority new customer acquisition targets. The customer typology is an invaluable source of insights for ABM strategy design, account development and customer care model design. Note! This map wil look very different in industry and business sectors. You should find a balance between volume & personalization for ROMI improvements. Creating content for clusters of companies is much more cost-effective than individualizing everything.

Learn more here

Combining past importance and future prospects of customer value for segmentation and resource allocation
180ops current value and potential by customer


ABM is about managing individual accounts, both new and current

We address this challenge with bottom-up approach in which we define with algorithms how much potential there is in an individual company by different offerings. In this example majority of billing comes from Business Group 3 offerings, primarily two offerings. The growth however, is available with cross-selling Business Group 1's offering and upselling Business Group 2's offering. 

This is customer level intelligence that is distributed to salespeople via CRM and used for ABM messaging automation. Each account has advice about how to discover upselling and cross-selling opportunities. This will help sales and marketing define how they approach customers and meet their goals.


Measure what matters most - Don't drown in data

Visits, open rates, clicks, ROAS and conversions are indicators for marketing and valuable for development. However, your work should be measured in higher level that represent business critical perspective. Our approach is to concentrate on what is happening with customers and markets, which is an approach that offers shared view to what is important. We need to win new accounts, make accounts grow and improve retention. This view has the power to unite people, give purpose and empower them. Having a shared narrative and transparency is a must for strategic story telling. With our help, it is easy.

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How we can help you succeed?

  • Fast and low effort

    Quick start with data dumps. Low datamaturity requirements. Easy to use for sales and Contact Center

  • Bottom-up

    Facts and evidence based approach. Concentrate on what is happening with customers and markets. Connect strategic intent and customer management as well as offering together

  • Outside-in

    Capability to analyze markets by industry segments and by offerings. Readiness and Risk tools help you discover drivers of risk and opportunities

  • Scoring and Triggers

    Our platform connect internal and external data and leverage algorithms to generate triggers and activities. This will help you align marketing and sales ops

  • Purpose and Unity

    Shared and common tools to collaborate and succeed together. This approach brings people together and unite them with shared perspective and objectives

  • Measure what matters

    We all speak one language, money. Everything is analyzed in monetary perspective to steer attention 

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