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What and who is it for?

The 180 OPS Commercial OS is capable of delivering most value for B2B companies that have wide offering portfolio and they serve diverse customer types. Common examples are:

  • B2B services
  • Telecom
  • ICT and software
  • Banking and Financial services
  • Insurance
  • Wholesales
  • Shipping
  • Logistics and Warehousing
  • Energy
  • Manufacturing

Our job is to help you succeed and grow. You probably already have an ERP, CRM, Contact Center management, or marketing automation solution, research and analytics. Our role is to bring more intelligence to the tools you are already using and support management by doing so. We are offering a SaaS OS that connects with the tools you and your organisation are already using, which makes the adoption and education much easier.

180 OPS game plan purpose

Use cases: What challenges can we help you with

180 ops challenges in sales
180 ops diagnosis for new strategy
180 ops M&A commercial dd
180 ops okr planning and deployment
180 ops strategy implementation
180 ops strategic segmentation
180 ops datadriven management
180 ops portfolio management
180 ops abm and performance marketing

Delivering value at every level across functions!

The value delivered in action across different functions in the organization. Our purpose is to help you succeed and grow profitably

  • Low barrier entry

    Start with datadumps. Move to integration later. We will use the data that you already have and the technologies that you already have in use. Our role is to increase intelligence in them

  • Optimizing your resources

    Segmenting by current & potential value. Defining goals, customer care model and resourcing for profit

  • Your unique market view

    Addressable market view: Understanding from which types of companies and which offerings  growth potential can be realized (What to sell to whom)

  • Strategic monitoring and KPI's

    Our KPI's and change monitoring concentrate on what is happening in customer relationships, market penetration, and ARPA, sales pipeline and customer risks. These indicators are actionable and give a clear view to how you are moving towards your goals and how to prioritize development

  • Need based segmenting

    Defining goal portfolios and synergies for different types of companies by industry types and company sizes

  • Answers to everybody

    Depending on your role your interest could be defined by division, segment, offering range, sales team etc. We will deliver you capability to create insights and monitor change from your specific perspective

  • Making most of what you have

    The fastest route to profitable growth is to make most of what you already have: Porfolios, data, customer relationships, technologies, capabilities and resources. 

  • 180 Degree perspective shift

    Customer and market centric view according to company's unique offering portfolio and cababilities

  • Understanding WHY

    Our algorithm analyses customers readiness to adopt new offerings and risks of declining purchases or negative churn with contracts. You will get insights about why companies readiness and risk increase, which makes these insights actionable and manageable. 

  • Forecasts & Scenarios

    Readiness and risk drivers allow us to inform you about how your business will perform and allow you to do scenarios about changes and their probable impact on growth and revenue, loyalty and new customer acquisition

  • Unity: Bridging strategy & operations

    Cultural unity and purpose defined in practical terms. Bottom-up approach to data will make strategic decision making and prioritization easier to understand for rest of the organization.

    The operations will get recipe for strategy implementation in a form of individual customer level growth opportunities and risks. Profoundly practical approach to  leveraging data and analytics company wide. This is why we are talking about Commercial OS

Five ways to grow!

180 OPS address all of the following tools for Growth Hacking:

  1. Win share of wallet - sell more of what the customer is already buying
  2. Cross-selling - sell new solutions to existing customers
  3. New customer acquisition - Hunting for new customers
  4. Retention - Keeping customers and defending relationships and ARPA
  5. Pricing power - Higher margins and profits

180 OPS creates a company specific view to the market revealing where the money comes from now and  how much potential  still exist in the current customers. However, we also give same potential figures at offering level to hunting customers, which will help in defining priorities for resource allocation and marketing activity investments and targeting. Most often the majority of customers have only adopted one or two offerings from the company, which means that the average ARPA (Average Revenue Per Account) has major growth potential. 

By offering segment based views to your current status and potential, we are helping you to define where and how you can gain new growth. In the second step of collaboration we will extend the data set and provide you with 6th sense for commerce. This is about two different approaches:

  1. READINESS: When is the customer company's readiness to open discussion or purchase certain offering. This is a combination of what is happening in the company, surrounding markets and how they are interacting with you, which gives a readiness scoring that can be turned in to tickets in CRM. These events will alert you about customers readiness and help you steer your time towards opportunities that are likely to result in sales. In terms of marketing effectiveness measurement, readiness is a great tool indicating whether the marketing is driving sales opportunities and customer acquisition. The data will also give you insights about what drivers are increasing the customer's readiness which will help you open the opportunities in the optimal way.
  2. RISK OF DECLINE OR LOSING A CUSTOMER: The risk analytics is about recognising customers that are likely to reduce their purchases or are likely not to renew their agreements. Understanding risk drivers will help you address those challenges in general and at specific customer case. This tool is very effective in retention work and defending customer relationship and ARPA

Once the 6th sense for commerce has been implemented, we will also offer access to forecasts and scenario tools. These tools will give you enhanced approach to what needs your attention most. The tools will give exceptional value for the management team, sales and offering management.