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Fastrack your management change to datadriven


Typical reasons for challenges

  • Legacy tech
  • Too many technologies in use
  • Slow
  • Large investment requirements
  • Lack of analysts and resources
  • Need to get to results faster


How can we help?

180 OPS game plan purpose

We concentrate on what matters most - Customers and Markets

We think that the volume of data is not the key prioritity, it is important to know what  answers and insights drive most value and how to get to them. 

Our role is to make the transition easy for you. We connect your internal data and external market intelligence together and leverage algorithms to make sense of it all. The start can be handled with data dumps which is fast and lean. Minimum data requirement is billing history, which is most likely to be in ok condition due to legal requirements. 

The process will give critical knowledge about key development areas, datamaturity challenges and requirements for long term development. Taking the first step with us is likely to make the larger change process leaner and more precise. You get to results faster and get more intelligence to tools that you are already using.  



Lean start - valuable insights

We are concentrating on business critical data and insights that enable strategic decision making and commercial excellence development. Monetary priorities related to growth potential and risks are at the top of the list. For example:

Different business sectors and industries represent very different types of potential and opportunities. Defining where the growth is available and accessible is an imperative foundation for marketing priorisation and design. This analysis gives you broad view towards question: "Where's the money?"



180ops growth planning


Staying tuned with exteral changes, improving capacity to react to them

The companies always exist in a context and markets that change constantly. The changes can influence some offerings negatively, some positively. Even the same indicator (eg. change in customer's credit rating) can mean negative indicator for one offering and positive for another. Datadriven approach is about discovering how different changes influence business and knowing how to mitigate risks and make most of opportunities.

The value of this analysis is strongly dependent on outside-in data and insights We will help you curate the data-recipe that drives most value for your business.

180 OPS Addressable, obtainable and active markets


Manage customer facing operations with Customer specific data

Success is strongly dependent on personnel adoption, their willingness to use the data and their experience about how valuable it is. If people reject the new tools, nothing changes. This is why we have a solution that has advanced tools for discovery and insights, very easy tools for measurement and KPI's and tools for customer facing organization. Eg. Current value and potential on the picture:

In this example majority of billing comes from Business Group 3 offerings, primarily two offerings. The growth however, is available with cross-selling Business Group 1's offering and upselling Business Group 2's offering. 



180ops current value and potential by customer


Make your existing technologies smarter

When you start your journey towards more datadriven management and operations, we help you aggregate data from internal sources to Azure. In case you are later changing some tools, Azure can be used in migration. You are propably using some CRM and Contact Center tool or eg. MS Teams. We can connect with them and embed our tools to company profiles and deliver 360 view to customers' situation. This will make your existing tools smarter and help you get to results faster.

180ops embedded

Reverse engineered for purpose

The technology and data business has fragmented strongly and there is an analysis tool for every possible use case and purpose. We have decades of experience about making data valuable and concentrating on areas that drive most value. This history of trial and error, learning, insights and success cases helped us to reverse engineer our solution. As an outline we are a Business Intelligence Software, but our toolkit covers multiple areas of G2 technology classification. 

180 OPS G2 categorization

How we can help you succeed?

  • Fast and low effort

    Quick start with data dumps. Low datamaturity requirements. 

  • Bottom-up

    Facts and evidence based approach. Concentrate on what is happening with customers and markets. Connect strategic intent and customer management as well as offering together

  • Outside-in

    Capability to analyze markets by industry segments and by offerings. Readiness and Risk tools help you discover drivers of risk and opportunities

  • Fast adoption, value experience

    The use of our tools are easy and fast to educate for personnel. We have minimized the requirement to adopt new technologies and tools

  • Purpose and Unity

    Shared and common tools to collaborate and succeed together. This approach brings people together and unite them with shared perspective and objectives

  • Measure what matters

    We all speak one language, money. Everything is analyzed in monetary perspective to steer attention 

Book a demo, intro & sparring

Let's have a discussion. We can show you the demo and would love to discuss about your challenges and how we could possibly help you.