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AI/ML powered Sales Analytics and Sales Intelligence software for Revenue Operations and sales acceleration

180 OPS game plan purpose

Paradigm-busting approach to strategic Discovery and Sales Management

Can you recognize from your data, what phenomena drives or breaks your success? Can you manage and measure them? Discover your path to Growth and Profitability.

Our job is to aggregate the data that you already have, combine it with external data and apply algorithms to make it more intelligent.  We have reverse engineered our user experience to make data more meaningful and valuable for your decision making needs as well as managing and monitoring change effortlessly. We will help you answer fundamental question: What to sell, to whom, when and why.  Answers will drive your sales growth and profitability, marketshare and corporate culture

We think different - Learn how

 Use cases & value


Use cases and areas where we can help you:

180 ops challenges in sales
180 ops diagnosis for new strategy
180 ops M&A commercial dd
180 ops okr planning and deployment
180 ops strategy implementation
180 ops strategic segmentation
180 ops datadriven management
180 ops portfolio management
180 ops abm and performance marketing

The fastest and most scalable way to grow profitably is to make most of what you already have: Offering portfolio, Customers, Data, Technology & People.  Making most of them is crusial in an environment with economic downturn, resource scarcity, strong inflation, changing regulation and constant need for adaptation.

Staying tuned with the change and understanding its impact has become a management imperative

First understanding - Then decisions and management

The constantly growing availability of data and the lowering cost of technology enable us to make better choices, get excited and inspired about the possibilities, get answers. The constraints are no longer in technical capabilities, they are in our minds and perceptions. The primary question is, how do we make the data more valuable, how do we get better answers? Path to Growth and Profitability concentrate on 180 perception shift to bottom-up and outside-in intelligence and how it influences decision making and bring people together behind shared view for strategy and operations. Take the "Red Pill" and discover your Path to Growth.

The Book and Kindle available in Amazon globally

180 OPS Full cover_Path to Growth and Profitability


Feedback from Path to Growth and Profitability readers:

"This book gives a new perspective how to create a bridge between strategic decision-making and day-to-day operational management especially in Commercial Management. A strong reading recommendation
Timo Ritakallio, President and CEO, OP Financial Group
"As a multidisciplinary analysis practitioner I’m excited about Toni’s book on aggregating different data sets to better understand your company’s path to growth and profitability. It’s part science and part pure art, as those qualities always go hand in hand in analysis that seeks to understand something the competitors don’t know.
Mikko Leskelä, Strategy Consultant, NOREN
I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to be one step ahead and dare to take the "red pill". Beautifully written and so easy to understand.
Kai Virtanen, Head of Foresight, VERE OY
"This is a must read for any modern executive, for understanding how to define and execute a strong, data driven, customer centric commercial strategy. Toni’s personal hands on experience and passion with several customer cases comes alive in this book, and will help You in shifting gears to focused growth and profitability..
Hanna Kivelä, CEO, FUJITSU
"A groundbreaking book. A non-obvious and brilliant solution to an obvious problem. I challenge you to read this book, and not end up raving about the possibilities of a new operating system for management. Highly recommended.
Marco Mäkinen, Chief Strategy Officer and Partner, TBWA Helsinki
"Path to growth is an inspiring insight how customer oriented, holistic vision-creation-to-strategy-implementation cycle can and probably should be based on data in each stage. And how this can be done in pragmatic, successful way.
Matti Suurnäkki, CEO, Voimaosakeyhtiö SF Oy

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Where's the beef for large and Midcap B2B Businesses?


  • Rapid deployment, speed to impact
  • Easy access to data and rapid answers
  • Reduced time to reporting needs
  • Automated data distribution to where it is needed most, upgrading datamaturity and the cababilities of existing tools 
  • Reduce the pain of not having enough analyst resources
  • Higher profitability and stronger impact with scarce resources


  • Discover growth and profitability priorities: What to sell to whom, why and when
  • Priorisation: Bottom-up and outside-in driven insights are game changing
  • Monetization of potential - everything analyzed in hard currency
  • Tools to do company wide offering management and strategic segmentation
  • Measure what matters most: Continuous and effortless access to trends and developments


  • Create a Bridge between strategic decision making, tactics and operations
  • Drive open and inclusive culture, scale innovation potential
  • Customer and market centric KPIs driving shared perspective, unity and purpose
  • Glue between development programs, business units and diciplines
  • Empower, inspire and energize teams with purpose, unified goals and synergies

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For what kind of companies is 180 OPS solution most valuable for?

Large and midcap B2B companies that have wide offering and diverse types of customers. We can help you manage complexity  with our technology, which will help with strategic segmenting and clarifying how offerings create value and synergy. At strategic level we create an actionable view to addressable and obtainable markets with bottom-up and outside-in approach that also gives practical answers about how to grow customer relationships at individual customer level.

We will deliver you 180 degree perspective change to customer and market centricity. You will discover your path to growth and profitability.

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Priorisation and speed to impact with market segments

Optimizing resource allocation and care models with segmenting

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