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Plans & Key value

Co-creating your path to growth with the help of Commercial OS

Plans and collaboration

The starting for collaboration is a 6 month co-creation period, during which we onboard and collaborate for the creation of accurate obtainable market view and recognize the needs for data recipe, quality and maturity improvement.  Fist discovery meeting in 3-4 for weeks after the data delivery.


Growth & Profitability

Light deployment

Some key Benefits
  • Discover where the Growth potential is by industries and offering portfolio
  • Inspire and support organization with easy distributed advice
  • Optimize customer care by Current & Potential value 
  • Customer success metrics monitoring and trends
  • 6 month agreement

Risk & Readiness

Integrated solution

Some key Benefits
  • Stay tuned with the market - Pulse views for customers and offerings
  • Drivers of Risk & Retention by offering and customers
  • Drivers of Readiness and sales hindering factors
  • Sales projection by offering and customers
  • 12 month agreement


Tailored Solution 

Some key benefits
  • Connect teams internationally
  • Success reporting by country
  • Country comparison
  • Multinational Customer success views accross markets

  • Modeling by macroeconomic contions in relevant markets

  • 12 month agreement


  • Set-up, Onboarding and integration (from service provider's side) included in the fee (H1 2023 starts)
  • The creation of data recipe: Work and testing related to data recipe creation included (H1 2023 starts)


Book demo, intro & sparring

Let's have a discussion. We'd love to hear about your situation, challenges and needs. We can show you the demo and would love to discuss about your challenges and how we could possibly help you.


Where's the beef for large and Midcap B2B Businesses?


  • Rapid deployment, speed to impact
  • Easy access to data and rapid answers
  • Reduced time to reporting needs
  • Automated data distribution to where it is needed most, upgrading datamaturity and the cababilities of existing tools 
  • Reduce the pain of not having enough analyst resources
  • Higher profitability and stronger impact with scarce resources


  • Discover growth and profitability priorities: What to sell to whom, why and when
  • Priorisation: Bottom-up and outside-in driven insights are game changing
  • Monetization of potential - everything analyzed in hard currency
  • Tools to do company wide offering management and strategic segmentation
  • Measure what matters most: Continuous and effortless access to trends and developments


  • Create a Bridge between strategic decision making, tactics and operations
  • Drive open and inclusive culture, scale innovation potential
  • Customer and market centric KPIs driving shared perspective, unity and purpose
  • Glue between development programs, business units and diciplines
  • Empower, inspire and energize teams with purpose, unified goals and synergies
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