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We have built 180ops to help you move from separate tools, broken data and uncertainty to a clear focus, actions driven by factual insights and improved results.

We do this by harnessing AI and machine learning for profitability and growth. So that you will know what to sell, to whom, when and why.

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From strategy to hands-on operations. Oppo knows the challenges of creating and managing growth, leading teams, operations and finances, as well as being on the both sides of the table in M&As. 10+ startups & 25+ years of B2B tech business experience.

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Wide and deep experience in customer management, transformations, data driven insight creation and implementation for large and mid-cap enterprises. Toni is an author of five books and best practice articles. 25+ years in sales, marketing and management.

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Our enterprise SaaS tools powered by AI and machine learning, enable you to take control of your revenue operations, optimise it through data-driven discovery, and unite teams to reach targets together.

Move from data chaos, uncertainty, revenue leaks and unmet goals to clarity, confidence, profitability and growth.

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Our passion to build the best revenue operations SaaS tool for enterprise organisations comes down to an individual, human need we currently see being unmet. Experiencing joy at work.

With the world changing ever more rapidly, new disruptions altering our everyday faster and faster, and data being everywhere – control and a sense of ownership is harder to find. We believe that by harnessing technology to work for us, combining different views from data and turning it into knowledge using AI, advanced analytics and machine learning, we can bring back the joy of discovery, enable a sense of control, and drive growth and profitability.

Our job is to aggregate the data that you already have, combine it with external data and apply algorithms to make it more intelligent. We have reverse engineered our user experience to make data more meaningful and valuable for your decision making needs as well as managing and monitoring change effortlessly. We will help you answer fundamental question: What to sell, to whom, when and why.


We work hard to deliver you answers, that will reinstate joy of working, drive your sales growth and profitability, marketshare and corporate culture.


Over the last decade, the aspiration to become a data-driven organization has been widely emphasized. Now, there's an additional push to utilise AI to finally achieve the desired level of capability.

Despite AI rapidly integrating into various operational processes and use cases, it hasn't significantly impacted Strategic Planning and Implementation Management—until now.

Our approach employs AI and machine learning on an individual business ID level. The data can be filtered and reviewed at any level from both customer/market segment or offering point of view. This gives you clear answers about what to sell, to whom, when and why. The data reveals both opportunities and risks and helps you adapt to the changing market conditions.

This approach enables each organization member to perceive situations from their own standpoint while understanding their connection to others. A single source of truth establishes common ground, promoting shared perspectives across the organization and different responsibilities.

This leads to smoother management and decision-making processes. Setting goals and KPIs that support autonomy and aligned activities becomes a natural part of the journey. The result is reduced conflicts of interest and power struggles.

When strategic decisions stem from a combination of bottom-up and outside-in perspectives, implementing strategies and aligning roles occurs organically. Measurement becomes simplified, reinforcing unity and purpose.

We are passionate about creating a strong foundation for decision making and building a bridge between strategy and operational execution.


We believe one of the core reasons of epidemic levels of stress and burnout is the increasingly demanding work environment, fuelled by rapid development in technology and growing complexity. People are constantly expected to deliver more with less.

This leads to a feeling of powerlessness, not understanding what is happening and why, and not having control over your own work and future. All proven causes of burnout.

To meet the profound need to understand, being able to navigate our surroundings, prioritise our options and to feel confident and satisfied at work, calls for clarity.

The availability of data is no longer the problem, making sense of the wealth of it is. Our value comes from turning massive raw data assets into answers and insights. Creating structure and order into a chaos.

The AI and machine learning tools we have designed have the power to bring underlying forces into surface and help you understand, prioritise and discover what to concentrate on, why, and how to act for your success as well as your company's growth and profitability.


Often, each product or service has been created to solve specific customer problems and to compete in their specific markets. However, only a few companies have taken the time to map out their entire range of offerings to see how these offerings match the overall needs of their customers.

Through various analyses and cases, it has become clear that there are connections and benefits that arise when you look at how different offerings work together. When companies are managed based on traditional product lines, these connections are often missed, and it requires a different way of thinking to find them.

The first step in this process is to create a clear plan for how you divide your customers into different groups. It's important to understand that not all customer groups are equally valuable in terms of current revenue or future potential. Figuring out where your revenue comes from currently, and where there's potential for growth, lays a strong foundation for finding new ways to add value and to outshine your competitors. And often, the best solutions are already within your grasp.

The fastest path to growing profits and boosting efficiency often comes from looking at things from new angles and being creative. We've seen that by using these insights from our tools, companies have made significant improvements with only small investments. This is especially valuable in times of economic uncertainty.

Our goal is to help every company reach their full potential and thrive.


The constantly growing availability of data and the lowering cost of technology enable us to make better choices, get excited and inspired about the possibilities, get answers. The constraints are no longer in technical capabilities, they are in our minds and perceptions. The primary question is, how do we make the data more valuable, how do we get better answers? Path to Growth and Profitability concentrate on 180 degree perception shift to bottom-up and outside-in intelligence and how it influences decision making and bring people together behind shared view for strategy and operations. Take the "Red Pill" and discover your Path to Growth.

The Book and Kindle available in Amazon globally.

"This book gives a new perspective how to create a bridge between strategic decision-making and day-to-day operational management especially in Commercial Management. A strong reading recommendation”

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Timo Ritakallio, President and CEO,OP Financial Group