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Discover WHAT to sell to WHOM, WHEN and WHY

Inspiring and empowering sales with direction, answers and timely advice


Typical reasons for challenges

Stop and think where the root cause of your challenges are. Eg:

  • Top-down budgeting and goal setting
  • How have you distributed your sales teams' resources by target groups, is there potential in those target groups? Are you using current value based segmentation and resourcing?
  • How much potential is in selling more to existing customers and how much is dependent on new customer acquisition?
  • Are you contacting your customers at the right time? Are your targets in addressable, obtainable or active markets?
  • Does your story and value proposition work? Are you selling a product or are you helping your customer succeed?

How can we help?

Discover where your potential is

Different business sectors and industries represent very different types of potential and opportunities. In some industries you can serve customers with large variety of services, and in other with just one or two. Defining where the growth is available and accessible is an imperative sales support and help you allocate resources as well as budget bottom-up. This analysis gives you broad view towards question: "Where's the money?"

Monetary potential is one thing, the next is about timing. Are your target customers non-compliant, on addressable, obtainable of active markets. Learn more here


180ops growth planning
Combining past importance and future prospects of customer value for segmentation and resource allocation


Discover how to optimize the sales efforts

Our standard approach is to create a segmentation based on current value (Annual Revenue Per Account = billing/year) and growth potential. This will help you recognize Farming customers, which have no growth potential as well as strategic, Growth and priority new customer acquisition targets. The customer typology is an invaluable source of insights for goal setting and prospects about account development and customer care model design.

Learn more here


Individual customer value & growth

When goals are set, they are usually decided at the top management and then communicated for sales teams. The general rule usually apply to all salespeople equally. This means that the sales persons is left alone to discover where he/she can find the required growth. We address this challenge with bottom-up approach in which we define with algorithms how much potential there is in individual company by different offerings. In this example majority of billing comes from Business Group 3 offerings, primarily two offerings. The growth however, is available with cross-selling Business Group 1's offering and upselling Business Group 2's offering. 

This is customer level intelligence that is distributed to salespeople via CRM. Each account has advice about how to discover upselling and cross-selling opportunities. This will help sales define how they approach customers and meet their goals.

180ops current value and potential by customer

How we can help you succeed?

  • Fast and low effort

    Quick start with data dumps. Low datamaturity requirements. Easy to use for sales and Contact Center

  • Intelligence inside

    We make your CRM and analytics smarter by embedding new views to them. 

  • No seat pricing

    Single lisence for the organization/country. No user restrictions. Optimized UX for management, analysts and customer facing operations

  • Sales & Marketing collaboration

    Shared and common tools for sales and marketing to collaborate and succeed together

  • Measure what matters

    180 degree perspective to measurement. Concentrate on what is happening with customers. Enhanced learning.

  • Discover dynamics

    Markets and customer's situations change. Discover how to make most of those changes. Get timely advice and triggers for customer contacting

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