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Comparing Revenue Operations Platforms: 180ops vs Gong

Choosing the right revenue operations software is pivotal for modern businesses aiming to optimize their sales processes and gain actionable insights for growth.

Two prominent options are 180ops and Gong. Each offers a unique approach to revving up sales and customer success by harnessing technology to provide intelligence that helps companies navigate through B2B landscapes with finesse.

In this blog post, we will delve into an in-depth comparison of these two platforms, focusing on their features, pricing, and specific use cases, enabling you to determine which might best align with your revenue organization's needs. Let’s explore how these platforms can help in managing your revenue pipeline, closing more deals, and driving your company's growth strategy forward.


Introduction to 180ops Revenue Operations Platform

Revenue Operations - 180OPS Home

Diving into the realm of revenue operations, the 180ops Revenue Operations Platform emerges as a comprehensive enterprise SaaS solution, designed to harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

This platform is crafted to sharpen the focus of revenue operations, guiding businesses in unraveling the intricate web of "what," "to whom," "when," and the all-important "why" in sales targeting. With its "Minimum Input, Maximum Output" approach, 180ops vows to deliver maximum operational clarity by streamlining data input, driving seamless collaboration, and fostering data-driven decision-making.

Their offerings cater to enterprises keen on identifying sales potential, enhancing customer retention, and adapting swiftly to market shifts, with plans carefully tailored to suit companies at different levels of operations.

Introduction to Gong Revenue Operations Platform

Gong Helps Revenue Leaders Achieve Revenue Predictability with AI-Powered  Forecasting

Gong's Revenue Intelligence Platform stands as a dynamic player in the revenue intelligence and management space. It leverages AI to capture and analytically dissect every customer interaction, aiming to elevate sales processes and ensure alignment between sales and cs teams.

Positioned as an indispensable asset for B2B outfits, Gong's software speaks directly to the needs of varying sales roles, boasting a versatile suite of tools to accelerate team onboarding, refine sales pitches, and glean comprehensive insights from customer interactions.

Its integration prowess, spanning over 100 different applications including giants like Salesforce, Zoom, and HubSpot, positions Gong as a formidable ally in the pursuit of refined revenue strategies and robust pipeline management. With a pricing model that eschews entry-level setup fees and embraces flexibility, Gong's platform studies your sales interactions, offering an intuitive path to better forecasting and customer retention endeavors.

Key Features

New Strategy Implementation

Key Features Offered by 180ops Revenue Operations Platform

The 180ops Revenue Operations Platform serves as a beacon of clarity in the complex terrain of revenue operations by delivering a robust set of features that cater to the ambitious revenue organization:

  • Discover Sales Potential: By identifying growth opportunities across various customer segments and accounts, this feature arms businesses with essential knowledge on where their growth potential lies.

  • Increase Up- and Cross-Sell Opportunities: Tools offered provide customized planning for accounts and Account-Based Marketing (ABM), facilitating improved ARPA and market penetration.

  • New Customer Acquisition: The platform streamlines marketing and sales efforts, ensuring they are synchronized for optimal customer acquisition strategies.

  • Risk Management and Retention: A proactive stance on risk management enables businesses to retain customers effectively by focusing on prevention strategies and critical aspects of retention.

  • Revenue Projections and Future Planning: Offering future revenue projections, 180ops aids businesses in setting clear targets and uncovering offering potentials for growth.

  • Adaptability to Market Changes: AI and ML tools equip companies with the agility to adapt to changes in market conditions, maintaining a competitive edge.

  • Minimum Viable Data Approach: Emphasizing efficiency, 180ops provides clarity with a minimal data footprint, enriching company data with internal and external insights.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: The platform ensures data from CRM, ERP, BI, and marketing automation tools is meaningful, fostering easier and more joyful discovery and decision-making processes.

  • Enterprise-Grade Solutions: With three distinctive plans, 180ops scales from foundational clarity to in-depth multinational operations, offering tools like 360-view account planning and KPI trends.

Key Features and Services Offered by Gong Revenue Operations Platform

Revenue Operations Software: Powerful Data, Superhuman Forecasting - Gong

On the flip side, Gong’s revenue operations platform introduces its own suite of persuasive features, tailoring its services to enrich sales and CS strategies:

  • Next-Level Forecasting: Gong analyzes customer interactions to provide precise predictions, transcending traditional forecasting with market adaptability.

  • Clean Activity Data: Integration with CRM ensures real-time, reliable data, shedding light on pipeline realities to spotlight deal impediments and actionable items.

  • Total Pipeline Visibility: Detailed awareness of the sales pipeline allows teams to pinpoint struggling deals and strategize on advancing decision-maker involvement.

  • Deal Risk Warnings: Gong's proactive alerts on deal risks, such as budget constraints and scheduling issues, permit timely intervention.

  • Closed-Lost Analysis: After-action reviews of unsuccessful deals offer critical insights, propelling continuous enhancement in sales execution.

  • Customer Retention Management: Real-time customer interaction feedback and churn indicators support effective renewal strategies and relationship growth.

  • AI-Powered Insights: Comprehensive analysis of recorded sales calls and meetings provides actionable insights that inform and improve sales tactics.

  • Generative AI for Deal Lifecycle: Gong's Deal Spotlight examines entire deal histories, not just snapshots, to bolster decision-making efficiency.

  • Predictive Prescriptive AI Models: Gong's AI predicts deal closure likelihoods and suggests specific actions, harnessing data for accurate forecasts and deal progression.

Overlapping Features

Both platforms recognize the critical role of data in shaping the future of revenue operations:

  • Data-Driven Insights: AI and machine learning are at the core, with both platforms employing these technologies to deliver insights that drive revenue operations efficiency and effectiveness​​​​.

  • Pipeline Visibility and Management: A clear view of the sales pipeline is common to both 180ops and, enabling teams to track deal progress and comprehend risks​​​​

  • Forecasting and Deal Analysis: Advanced forecasting tools are utilized by each platform for a cogent understanding of deals, using AI to better predict outcomes​​​​.

  • Integration with CRM Systems: 180ops and both stress the significance of CRM integration, enhancing data accuracy and offering a holistic perspective of customer engagements​.

Unique Features of 180ops Revenue Operations Platform

180ops sets itself apart with several distinctive features:

  • Minimum Viable Data Approach: 180ops takes pride in its data economy, advocating for maximum clarity from minimal input—ensuring a blend of quality and brevity​​.

  • Customizable Data Enrichment: The platform stands out for its ability to enrich data by blending internal and external market insights, crafting a more nuanced and comprehensive data environment​​.

  • Revenue Operations Clarity: 180ops's mission revolves around providing unambiguous clarity in revenue operations, pinpointing growth opportunities, and reinforcing retention strategies​​.

Unique Features of Gong Revenue Operations Platform distinguishes its offering with a focus on customer engagement:

  • Customer Interaction Recording and Analysis: At the heart of Gong's platform is the recording and in-depth analysis of sales interactions, providing uninterrupted insights that elevate the sales process​​.

  • Generative AI Across the Deal Lifecycle: Gong's solution integrates Generative AI to scrutinize entire deal histories, offering insights that capture the essence of each deal​​.

  • Real-Time Customer Health Monitoring: Stingingly current and detailed, Gong's monitoring tools reveal customer health insights, driving more informed customer success and retention efforts​​.

Plans & Pricing

Plans & Pricing of 180ops Revenue Operations Platform

180ops Revenue Operations Platform positions itself as an enterprise-grade powerhouse with a trio of plans designed to meet the nuanced demands of organizations at varying scales:

  • Foundations of Clarity: The gateway plan, perfect for companies starting their journey towards clearer revenue operations, encompasses benefits such as 360-view account planning and core KPIs and trends evaluation, with a starting period of 6 months​.

  • Deep-Dive Extension: Expanding on the fundamentals, this plan dives deeper into customer and offering analysis, including sales projection and risk management tools—purview tailored for companies ready to embrace a comprehensive revenue strategy, with a 12-month commitment​​.

  • Multinational Extension: Designed for global entities, this plan provides an all-encompassing perspective on multinational operational success, with features crucial for market comparison and customer success across diverse geographies, for a standardized 12-month usage​

Aligning with the 'revving up' ethos in revenue operations, 180ops offers a clear trajectory for growth, with customizable and scalable solution-centric pricing poised to support diverse teams from Atlanta to Dublin. 

Plans & Pricing of Gong Revenue Operations Platform

Gong's Revenue Operations Platform adopts a per-user pricing model, ensuring scalability and flexibility for companies irrespective of their team size, from the compact clusters of three members to vast arrays of 250+ personnel. While specific pricing hinges on negotiations, Gong's tiered model typically includes:

  • Discounts scaling with user volume, an encouragement for team expansion without the fear of exponential pricing.

  • Training resources included in subscriptions, vital for acclimating teams from Chicago to San Francisco to Gong's advanced technology.

  • A robust feature set like integration capabilities, data storage without limits, data exporting access, and extensive analytic insights across all pricing tiers​​​.

Absent an entry-level setup fee, Gong's strategy supports a frictionless adoption for companies eager to access its intelligence-driven insights, focusing on improving every facet of the sales and customer interaction cycle.

When to Choose Which Product?

When to Choose 180ops RevOps Platform

Select 180ops Revenue Operations Platform if your company's strategy leans heavily on the following factors:

  • You prioritize precise insights drawn from minimal data that maintain a high quality and relevance to your market and business context.

  • Your organization values customizable data enrichment, combining both internal and external sources, notably where macroeconomic and broader market data play a significant role in your operational planning and execution.

  • Clarity in revenue operations is at the forefront of your initiatives, and you seek tools and KPIs that facilitate a direct path to identifying growth channels and improving risk management approaches.

  • Your team structure is on the larger side, potentially spread across multinational locations and you require plans that cater to diverse and complex operational needs.

180ops is ideal for revenue organizations in places like Chicago or San Francisco, with an enterprise-oriented framework aiming for cohesive, centralized oversight of expansive teams and pipelines.

When to Choose Gong's Revenue Operations Software

Gong's Revenue Operations Platform is your go-to choice under the following circumstances:

  • Your business process heavily involves customer interactions and requires detailed recording and analysis of sales calls and meetings to drive insight-based strategy adjustments.

  • A technology-forward approach is needed, featuring generative AI capabilities that extend across the entire lifecycle of deals, thus enhancing decision-making at each stage.

  • Real-time health monitoring of customer relationships is a strategic pillar for your retention and renewal programs, with an emphasis on leveraging unfiltered voice-of-the-customer insights.

  • Your teams, no matter the scale, ranging from a small group in a co-working space to a mid-size unit will benefit from the flexible pricing and the ease of integrating Gong with widely-used tools like Salesforce, ensuring a seamless fit within your existing tech ecosystem.

Gong’s RevOps platform is especially suited for revenue teams that are market-responsive and place a premium on revenue intelligence and the quality of customer engagements as a driving force for sales effectiveness and customer success.


The quest for the ideal revenue operations platform—whether for clarity and targeted growth with 180ops or comprehensive customer interaction analysis and AI-powered insights with Gong—boils down to your company's unique demands and aspirations.

180ops is a formidable choice for robust multinational enterprises seeking data-driven revenue strategy and minimal yet potent data inputs. In contrast, Gong is the trailblazer for companies of all sizes, placing a premium on customer interactions, seeking an intuitive, integrative, and AI-enriched engagement with their CRM and sales processes.

In the B2B landscape, where interactions and data converge to form the backbone of sales and CS success, the decision between these two platforms should align with your market position, team structure, and the strategic weight you assign to revenue intelligence and management. The correct platform will empower your revenue operations, your team, and your company to not only compete but excel in the increasingly data-driven world of modern sales.


How do these platforms align with the evolving responsibilities of revenue operations teams?

Platforms like 180ops align with the evolving responsibilities of revenue operations teams by providing AI and machine learning-powered tools that offer insights into sales potential, risk management, and growth opportunities. They help in data-driven discovery and unite teams towards achieving targets, thus optimizing revenue operations

What is the impact of revenue operations platforms on data management and analysis?

Revenue operations platforms significantly impact data management and analysis by enhancing data clarity and decision-making. They connect and enrich data from various sources and use AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics to process and analyze this data, making it meaningful and actionable for the business

Can you explain the role of artificial intelligence in generating actionable insights on these platforms?

Artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in generating actionable insights on platforms like 180ops by using AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze data. This helps businesses understand and adapt to market changes, identify growth opportunities, and make informed decisions

How do 180ops and Gong differ in their use of data to drive sales strategies?

While specific details on the differences between 180ops and Gong in their use of data to drive sales strategies are not provided, it's evident that both platforms leverage AI and data analytics to improve sales and revenue operations. 180ops, for example, emphasizes a "Minimum Viable Data" approach to provide maximum clarity with minimal data, focusing on various aspects such as growth potential, risk management, and market adaptation​

What management practices are recommended for integrating platforms like 180ops and Gong into existing workflows?

To integrate platforms like 180ops and Gong into existing workflows, recommended management practices include careful planning aligned with business goals, training for teams to effectively use the tools, and ongoing evaluation to optimize the integration. Additionally, engaging in a co-creation process that involves developing a market perspective and improving data quality can be beneficial

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