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180 Perspective Change Blog

180 Perspective change is about Customer & Market Centric perspective. In most dashboards and analytics tools the primary focus is on some internal object like business unit, sales team, channel, offering, etc. This is a major root cause for Blind spots and biased decisions in management.

Our focus is on Customers and Markets, understanding how to adapt to customers' needs and situations, optimize up- and cross-sales, new customer acquisition and retention. The primary focus is on Opportunities & Risks in the markets - Company's role is to adapt and make most of them! Our brand is about outside-in, bottom-up intelligence and taking those insights to operations. Hence, 180ops. Enjoy, follow and share :)

This article is a deep dive to different funnel logics for marketing and sales specialists.

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Customer relationship types and business model innovation

Early in my career marketing was all about customer acquisition. Then management realized, that mana...

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AI + machine learning + strategic segmentation = productivity No this is not buzzword bingo. It was ...

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Offering Penetration or -adoption gives a view of the depth of customer collaboration. We work with ...

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Remember how it felt like plateaus were moving when 9/11 attack took place or when Lehman-Brothers c...

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Want to boost your Datadriven maturity?

Our job is to aggregate the data that you already have, combine it with external data and apply algorithms to make it more intelligent. We have reverse engineered our user experience to make data more meaningful and valuable for your strategic and daily decision making needs as well as define KPI's and manage and monitor change effortlessly. Please, contact us and let's have a chat.

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